Pokemon Neo Thunder is a project started by a group of like minded people who wanted to keep the traditional pokemon RPG spirit alive as well as to to unearth the secrets of the web through their skills. With this aim in mind, Pokemon Neo Thunder started it's development in 2014. Sleepless days and nights went in to making the RPG since both the technology as well as the users (us) weren't accustomed to each other. Countless days and nights went through in learning and applying the technology meant for this project to stand it in the position in which it is today.

The Beta version of the project was officially launched in August, 2016.

The project is probably India's first traditional Pokemon RPG. Our "group" eventually began to expand and begin to consist of people who were from the USA, Bangladesh and more. All these people were none other than students from different schools around the globe at the time of PNT's inception. Though the size of the group tends to alter every now and then due to real-life scenarios, one thing remains constant and that is the love towars Pokemon Neo Thunder. As we will say

The RPG is more than just a game for the developers as well as for the players. Inspired by the enthusiastic game developers in the world, Neo Thunder strives to be one of the best RPG's out there with the essence of gaming as well as socializing and a tinge of something exciting to cherish every moment!







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We have a small program for students who are eager to learn the basics of web , app development along with a grasp on the fundaments of machine learning, deep learning etc. technologies which when combined together gives you the most awesome products one could ever ask for. During this 3-week session,we will teach you as well as give you small projects on the topics discussed so as to give you hands on experience on the matter. After the session, few of you might get even selected for a health/agro tech startup that is already using these technologies to benefit generations after generations

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Pokemon Neo Thunder is not affliated to Nintendo, GameFreak, and the Pokemon Company etc. All the rights of Pokemon images and formulas are reserved with Nintendo and it's subsidiaries. Credit for additional sprite artwork is given to Pokemon Showdown as well as PokemonDB for Pokemon data.