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Privacy Policy

Pokemon Neo Thunder stores your information and data in an encrypted manner for a smooth gaming experience as well as will not sell or reveal your data to any thrid party authorities for any reason of any kind.Your Facebook or Google+ details will not be shared with anyone or made public to players until or unless you opt to do so in the settings of the game. We use cookies as well as other forms of local storage technologies to track your activities in the game as well as for a fast real time experience.You agree to this policy when you signup or register in the game. Donations or buying of packs are not mandatory and is given only to help developers like us to run the game successfully and the information related to donating or buying is encrypted and not sold or insecure in nature.

Copyright Policy
Pokemon Neo Thunder is an Online Pokemon RPG having the essence of gaming as well as socialization and is no way related to Nintendo,GameFreak or any of it's subsidiaries.The data of the pokemons as well as the formulas related to battle are the sole properties of Nintendo and has been extracted and used from Bulbapedia.Technologies and ideas as well as artworks other than those of Pokemons are sole properties of the game and must not be reproduced in any way without prior permission or notice.Our game abides by the rules of Nintendo copyright policies and does not violate them in any way.